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The Island of Momo

The island of Momo is a scary and a mysterious place, full of unknown creatures. There are many strange noises coming from the cave that humans have not even been able to explore yet. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t inhabited by thousands of weird and frightening creatures. When you get there, you will soon discover that there is more to Momo Island than meets the eye! Can you survive in this dark place? —————————————————————————————- 3D action adventure game inspired by Japanese folklore and horror movies Ember Island is an action adventure game set in a dark world where everything has a soul or an umbilical cord connected with the human world. The story follows Leetah, a girl who comes across Momo, an endangered spirit from another dimension, in the woods. She helps him to return home though his help will also be needed in order to save humanity from imminent destruction. Travel through real-time 3D environments and fight off enemies using different kinds of weapons as you make your way through this scary

How to play The Island of Momo

Using Mouse

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