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Bear Haven

What is Bear Haven?

Bear Haven is a simulation game in which players assume the role of an animal shelter manager in charge of a bunch of bears. Players must manage the shelter in the game by feeding the bears, keeping their habitats clean, and providing medical care as necessary. The game is available on Steam and is compatible with both PC and Mac systems.

Game Rules

Bear Haven is playable with both the keyboard and the mouse. The mouse is used to browse the UI of the game, while the keyboard is used to interact with the bears and their surroundings. Here are some of the most important keyboard controls in the game:

  • The keys W, A, S, and D are used to maneuver the player character throughout the game world.
  • E: This key is used to interact with environmental elements like feeding troughs and medical stations.
  • The spacebar is used to leap.
  • Shift: Run with this key.
  • The tab key is used to access the inventory menu.

In addition to these keyboard capabilities, players can interact with items in the world by using the mouse. For example, gamers can fill a feeding dish with food by clicking on it, or engage with a bear by clicking on it.

Bear Haven is divided into levels that become increasingly difficult as players continue through the game. Players are given a series of tasks to perform in order to advance to the next level in each level. These chores could involve feeding a particular number of bears, cleaning their habitats, or providing medical attention to sick bears.

Players will face new challenges and hurdles as they move through the game, which they must conquer in order to succeed. For example, players may be required to deal with sick or injured bears, or they may be required to manage a bigger group of bears with varying requirements and preferences.

How to play Bear Haven

Using Mouse

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