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What is Hurdle?

Hurdle is a daily game that can only be played once per day; we tried it and are already looking forward to playing it again tomorrow to share our puzzle-solving statistics with our friends. Leave your results in the comments to challenge them. Let's see if we can win.

Game Rules

The game is extremely simple. It entails guessing a word in eight attempts. If you get it, the game displays the time it took you to solve it and the number of attempts you made. It then gives you the option to share it on social media. Please share it with your friends!

Wow, it appears to be simple! However, the time constraint in solving it and the requirement to use words from the dictionary complicate the game's resolution. If you try it, you will understand why this online game has become so popular.

It is a simple pastime that has gone viral due to its simplicity and the fact that you only have 8 attempts per day to solve its challenge (the same for everyone).

  • In eight attempts, find the hidden word.
  • Each attempt must contain a valid 5-letter word.
  • After each attempt, the color of the letters changes to indicate how close you are to hitting the word, but the wordle is different.
  • The number of correct characters in the correct position is indicated by the green tile, while the number of correct characters in the incorrect position is indicated by the amber tile.

How to play Hurdle

Using mouse

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