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What is Puckdoku?

Puckdoku is an online game that tests fans not on what they know about NHL history, but on who they know. Puckdoku is this offseason's go-to timekiller for hockey lovers looking to fill out 3 by 3 grids of players. It's an entertaining trivia game based on hockey history.

Every day, game players are presented with a three-by-three grid in which they must identify players who have played for two different teams over their careers, players who have won a certain award while playing for a different team, and much more. Hockey players can only be used once in the grid, and game players only have nine guesses to complete the grid - a task that is easier said than done.


  1. Trivia-Based Gameplay: The game likely challenges players with hockey-related trivia questions, focusing on NHL history, players, teams, statistics, or memorable moments. Players may need to rely on their knowledge of hockey to answer the questions correctly.

  2. 3 by 3 Grids of Players: The game might present players with 3x3 grids, similar to Sudoku puzzles, but instead of numbers, the grids are filled with player names or other hockey-related terms. Players need to arrange the names correctly based on the trivia answers.

  3. Entertaining and Educational: "Puckdoku" aims to entertain hockey lovers while also providing an opportunity to learn more about the sport's history and key figures.

  4. Suitable for Offseason: Since the game is described as an offseason go-to timekiller, it's likely designed to engage fans during periods when there are no live games or when there's a lull in the hockey season.

  5. Online Platform: Being an online game, "Puckdoku" is likely accessible through web browsers or mobile apps, allowing players to participate from various devices.

Game Rules

  • Select a player from the cell who fits the row and column requirements.
  • For the team to be counted, the player must have played at least one regular season NHL game.
  • If a cell contains an award/stat and a team, the player must have earned the award/stat while playing for that team that season.
  • Relocated teams are treated as a single team for the purposes of the Teams. Category of games played
  • When a franchise relocates, its players and statistics follow. This means that players like Kovalchuk are considered for the moment. The Winnipeg Jets
  • Teams that have been renamed and renamed again do not count as the same team. The Winnipeg Jets of the 1990s do not count as current Jets.
  • A single-player can only be used once.
  • The guess cannot be revised once a player has been chosen.
  • Every estimate, regardless of accuracy, counts as a shot.
  • If a player is traded in the middle of the season for a stat and a team category, either team is acceptable.
  • The sum of the percentages of each, plus 100 for each empty cell, is used to calculate uniqueness. The lower the score, the more uncommon each player's selection.

How to play Puckdoku

Using mouse

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