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Counter strikle

What is counter strikle?

Wordle, a simple word-guessing web-based game, recently took the world by storm, becoming so popular that it was eventually purchased by the New York Times. Since then, numerous spinoffs based on diverse themes have been made.

Following this trend, a creative developer who is also a Counter-Strike fan produced a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive version of Wordle in which users must guess the names of weapons skins.

It caters exclusively to the CS: GO audience, with players attempting to guess the name of the mystery gun skin by determining the weapon's specs, restricting their options in an attempt to predict the proper weapon skin.

Game Rules

The web-based game is really simple to grasp, and anyone can learn how to play it quickly. Instead of directly spelling out the name of the weapon skin based on hints and cues, the user must guess it by determining specific skin attributes, which are as follows:

A user will have eight opportunities to narrow down specific factors linked to the weapon skin and make guesses based on them.

To enjoy CS: GO, a certain level of understanding regarding gun skins is essential; otherwise, the user will be unable to make correct guesses. They should also be aware of how specific categories effect a weapon skin and how one characteristic may link with another, as this makes predicting what the mystery gun skin could be easier. 

How to play Counter strikle

Using mouse

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