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What is Pawrdle?

Pawrdle is a game in which you try to predict pet-related terms. All of the words are about pets (and are suitable for both dog and cat lovers). People came up with the amusing idea, and this is the first "wordle" game dedicated to pets.

Game Rules

Pawrdle's goal is to guess a secret five-letter word relating to pets in a restricted number of attempts. The player can enter their guess in the provided text box, and the game will show which characters are correct and in the proper location, as well as which letters are correct but in the incorrect position.

You have six chances to guess the pet-related term. The color of the tiles will change after each guess to represent how close you were to guessing the correct word.

  • The letter 'green' appears in the word, and it appears in the correct location.
  • The letter yellow is in the word, however, it is positioned incorrectly.
  • There is no mention of the letter gray anywhere in the term.



How to play pawrdle

Using mouse

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