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Strands Unlimited

What is Strands Unlimited?

Strands Unlimited is a new game developed by the New York Times that takes a twist on the standard word search concept. Each Strand has a topic with theme words that must be located to solve the problem; however, you can hunt for non-theme words to produce hints to assist you find the theme words.


Strands Unlimited is a word search-style game in which each problem has a certain subject. Letters may be used in any orientation, but they must not be reused or crossed out, and subject words will be marked in light blue.

One word, Spangram, will describe the puzzle's topic, touching the board's left and right borders and appearing in yellow. Once you've found all of the words, each letter will appear once in the letter grid.

If you get stuck, look for any four-letter (or longer) term, and for every three of these, you will receive a tip, revealing one of the topics for you to bookmark.


  • Beautiful, player-friendly interface
  • Interesting gameplay, completely different from other NYT word games
  • Topics are presented every day to create challenges for players

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