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Password is a fun party game in which your team must guess the Secret Password using only one-word hints! It is designed for three or more players aged ten and up.

The Password Game is a puzzle video game that may be played online. The player must enter a password into an input area. The password must follow a total of 35 numbered rules in the game. As the player alters the password to comply with the first regulation, another emerges, and so on.

The Password Game appears simple at first glance, with merely a box asking you to enter your new password and reminding you that it must contain capital letters, numbers, and special characters. However, this browser game takes a turn when it starts asking questions about mathematics and the current phase of the moon. It's one of the more mind-bending free games we've recently played. We also have a complete list of all The Password Game regulations to assist you further.

It's a straightforward premise. You must build a one-of-a-kind password that meets the game's parameters. Isn't it simple? But here's where it gets tricky: once you've passed one of the criteria - referred to as rules in the game - another one is introduced. Fortunately, your password is not fixed, so you can change it as the game progresses, but it must meet all of the conditions to win.

How to play password game

Using mouse

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