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What is Horsle?

Horsle is a Wordle clone with extra features to attract users. Horsle users, like Wordle users, have six attempts to achieve the correct answer. But in Horsle, the word is usually "horse." You are not required to predict a five-letter word.

Game Rules

When a row is done, responses that are in the top five but in the wrong location glow yellow, just like in Wordle. If they are in the correct location, the answer will become green. Horsle is a new online multiplayer game that you may enjoy with your friends. You don't have to worry about becoming broke because it's free to play. Best of all, learning how to play the Horsle game is simple. So go right in and have some fun!

When a row is finished, responses in the top five but erroneously positioned flash yellow, similar to Wordle. Furthermore, if they are in the correct position, the answer will turn green. You and your friends can play the brand-new online game Horsle. You won't have to worry about spending money because playing is completely free. The Horsle game's finest characteristic is its ease of learning. 

How to play Horsle

Using mouse

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