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Exhibit of Sorrows

What is Exhibit of Sorrows?

Exhibit of Sorrows is a free-to-play simulation in which you play as an unknowing audience member at a carnival booth display. You can experiment with numerous clown-themed displays in this interactive game from independent developer Adayofjoy. However, it's not all fun and games as an evil entity takes over, compelling you to flee for your life.

Welcome to the Sorrows Exhibit! The major exhibitions will be appealing clowns with unusual abilities. Many of them will amuse you with extraordinary abilities that ordinary people lack. Sounds extremely intriguing and makes you want to visit this panopticon right away. Are you prepared? Then welcome to this terrifying game!

The hero must proceed through all of the rooms, interacting with the displays of an odd position. They will be clowns with unique abilities that can be put to the test.

Game Rules

Mr. Flouty will be the first. This youngster can be inflated like a balloon and take flight. You will receive a key if you do so. Mr. Washy is up next. He enjoys taking baths and will gladly exchange a key for a few droplets of water. The image clown is followed by Mr. Handy with his huge arms, Miss Stretch with her rubber hand, and Jack in the Box.

When you reach the final exhibit, the lights go out and you must return to the exit to turn on the switch. When you return, you must return all of the clowns to their original state. When the player turns on the lights, strange things begin to happen that you have no control over. This game will immerse you in a kaleidoscope of horror produced entirely by your own hands.

You play as an unwitting witness at a carnival booth display in the free-to-play simulation Display of Sorrows. In this interactive game by independent developer Adayofjoy, you can experiment with numerous clown-themed displays. But it's not all fun and games when an evil force takes over, forcing you to make an attempt.

It employs simple graphics that highlight images of bygone fairs. This should be taken as a warning concerning the horror game Display of Sorrows. Similarly, you might be interested in The Watson-Scott Test or Eyes: The Horror Game.

How to play Exhibit of Sorrows

Using Mouse

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