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Babelle, like the well-known classic Wordle game, is designed to guess a challenge in the Wordle format for geography. This game, unlike Wordle, requires you to solve a mystery puzzle. All answers must include the names of actual nations or territories. As you make assumptions, you will learn how far, in which direction, and how close your guess is to the target country.
In BABELLE, you have six guesses to figure out which country a city is in. Every response must be the name of a legitimate country or territory. You'll receive information on the distance, direction, and proximity between your guess and the target country as you make your guesses.


The Player must make educated guesses about the city's location based on what they know about the world map and city layout. Babelle will tell you how far you are in kilometers and percentage points every time you guess the wrong country. You must be in the middle and near the top before ranking sixth and last, as it also displays a small arrow indicating the country's exact location (relative to the location of the country you guessed wrong).

Babelle is a simple puzzle game that requires you to solve it. Babelle, you can only play one game per day, so you can't devote too much time to it. I hope you enjoy it!

How to play Babelle

using mouse

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