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Pizza Tower

What is Pizza Tower?

Pizza Tower is a fun retro-styled 2D platformer that blends elements of traditional platformers with some unique characteristics of its own. You play as Peppino Spaghetti, a pizza entrepreneur who sincerely enjoys his profession. But everything changes one day when a terrifying creature comes to warn Peppino that he is coming to demolish his little restaurant. That scoundrel resides close in a Pizza Tower, and there is no question that he is determined to carry out his nasty threats. As a result, the protagonist must act quickly to disrupt the enemy's intentions! Are you here to assist him?

Game Rules

The mobility systems and level layouts in Pizza Tower work fantastically together. Peppino may explode into a dramatic, sweating sprint with a little runway. He can scramble over precipitous cliff walls, wall leap, rocket upward with a Metroid-style shine spark, and shatter downward with a belly flop.

In the game, you move around the floors of the aforementioned Pizza Tower, gathering pizza ingredients and animated Toppins along the way. Many cheesy enemies try to stymie Peppino's progress over the tower's numerous stages. After overcoming their defenses, the player takes out the level's Pillar John and must race back to the start of the level as it begins to collapse with a countdown.

How to play Pizza Tower

Using Mouse

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