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Murder Mafia

What is Murder Mafia?

Murder Mafia is a new interactive puzzle-adventure game online that we highly recommend to all of our fans, who can always rely on us to bring them such interesting new additions, you will now be thrown into the dangerous and deadly world of the mafia, which we hope you will survive, and which we wish to assist you with right now!

Game Rules

For your first task, approach the Mafia leader and use the mouse to lift your knife and attack, following which you take on their role. Be careful not to get caught. Next, you will be the target of assassination attempts, therefore you must turn back when they occur in order to survive.

Then a long cycle of survival and attacking will begin, and we hope you stay in the mafia as long as possible, dealing with whatever crisis arises. Begin right away, and maybe bring some buddies along for the adventure!

Everyone who has fallen into these networks and want to go to the top of the criminal world should keep this in mind. When you become the most powerful Mafiosi, you immediately become the number one target for every jealous person. Anyone in your immediate vicinity becomes an enemy and attempts to stab you in the back at the earliest opportunity. As a result, you must keep your eyes open and stay vigilant at all times.

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