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Capybara Clicker

What is Capybara Clicker?

Capybara Clicker is a basic game in general. The basic goal of the game is to grow and care for fuzzy capybaras. The game may appear simple at first glance, but it truly provides both the thrill of collecting and the peaceful environment of pet care. It is suitable for persons of all ages and does not require the existence of complex skills or knowledge.

The game features an appealing graphic, multi-colored capybaras, and an astonishing effect. After a long day of work, the calming music effects allow players to unwind.

Game Rules

You are tasked throughout the game with taking care of fluffy capybaras and making them happy. To do so, you must constantly click on the large capybaras on the screen. This will make the fuzzy companion happy and win you coins. These coins are used to purchase extra food, toys, and other goods to make the lives of the capybaras easier and more comfortable.

The goal of the game is not just to collect coins; rather, you should strive to advance through it. This can assist you in expanding your territory and acquiring rare capybara breeds. You can even win the special capybara and other awesome goodies at certain points throughout time. 

You may also change the backdrop by altering the weather in the game.

  • To open a screen featuring an adorable capybara waiting for you, click.
  • Capybara will smile if you click on them. You will gain coins as your capybara smiles.
  • Spend your cash on food, toys, and other items.
  • Continue to click to advance through the game and uncover new regions, capybara breeds, and even exclusive goodies.
  • Return daily to care for your capybara and collect daily goodies.
  • Have fun and enjoy Capybara Clicker's tranquil, relaxing nature!

How to play Capybara Clicker

Using Mouse

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