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Trap The Cat

What is Trap The Cat?

Played on a board with checked boxes and a cat inside, Trap The Cat is an intriguing game. To win, your task is to lock it and prevent its escape. To win this game, use your speed and planning. The three levels in this game are Easy, Medium, and Hard. As you advance through the levels, the difficulty rises.

How To Play Trap The Cat

By clicking the circles, you can build a wall. Getting the cat to come inside can be difficult. It is better to start from a distance because if you build too close to the cat, the cat will always find a way to squeeze past it.

Once you've figured it out and built a reasonably large, closed perimeter, you must fill the perimeter with circles until the cat has no more to jump to. The game is over at this point because you have circled the cat.

How to play Trap The Cat

Using mouse

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