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What is Bored Button?

Bored Button is a game-themed app that allows you to play a variety of interesting, amusing, and free games all in one location. You may play your favorites as well as discover new ones with over 100 games to select from.

Some of the app's most popular games are from the following categories: Balls, Color Valley, Go Down, Teo's Escape, Let's Park, Geometry Rash, Virus Attack, and other arcade games Friv games include Sky Race, Paint Boy, Crazy Wheel, and others. Maze, Jelly Doods, 100 Blocks, Ojello Puzzle, and other puzzlesBoard games include Four Colors, Connect Four, Master Checkers, Master Chess, and more.and much more

Game Rules

Tap the Bored Button to begin your trip via a series of games carefully picked for you. With each tap, a new engrossing game will be available for you to play in seconds. It's all free and will always be free. Begin surfing right away!!

You will be provided a pack of new games to examine your game taste before being supplied with a new game that is tuned to your unique taste.

If you enjoy playing unusual puzzle games such as Ancient Blocks, then friv games will not be shown to you; instead, games such as Hexaginta will be provided for you. However, if you enjoy friv games like Sticky Goo, games like Babel will be waiting for you with your next tap.

However, if you enjoy friv games like Sticky Goo, games like Babel will be waiting for you with your next tap.

We understand that your game preferences can vary over time; in that event, the system will recognize the change and alter the subsequent games to identify your next favorite game.

  • Begin by pushing once; you will become addicted to pressing and pressing on this small button, and no one on the planet will be able to stop you.
  • Seriously, some people may think this is pointless software, but it helps pass the time when you're bored and makes you happier.
  • Let's see how long your nerves can hold out...

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