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Crab Game

What is Crab game?

Crab game is an action game produced by Dani, an indie developer. Despite the fact that it has a different name and that the author disputes it, it is plainly inspired by the popular Netflix series Squid Games. As with the show, the players will play various children's games until only one survives.

Crab Game is an online multiplayer game that is similar to Squid Game, yet the developer has categorically denied this. However, looking at the gameplay, it is clear where the influence came from. Players in this game will compete against each other in a variety of mini-games, similar to the popular Netflix series. It even has several classic children's games like Red Light, Green Light, and Glass Bridge.

Game Rules

It can accommodate up to 50 players on a single server. Everyone must compete until just one person is left standing. There are nine distinct modes to pick from, as well as 28 different maps to play on. In contrast to previous Squid Game-inspired games, players in this one can use weapons such as metal pipes and rifles. They can utilize them to defeat other players in order to increase their chances of winning.

Glass Window / Ice / Rock Path/ Island

To get to the opposite side of this game, you must cross glass bridges, ice, or rocks. Because there is no number assigned to the participants, anyone can jump first; most players will wait to see who jumps down first.

Some of the ice, stone platforms, and glass will shatter the moment you step on it. By attacking other players, you can push them. All players will be eliminated if no one reaches the other side within 2 minutes.

Lights Off - Turn off the lights

This game mode will not take players somewhere, but will instead take place in each player's bedroom. The lights go out, there is no more sleep, and everyone must defend themselves against other players.

To defend yourself against other players, you can form your own squad. The light will flash to show where the other players are. When the timer runs out, the remaining players move on to the next game.

Fish Game - Green Light Red Light

This game is similar to the green and red lights in Squid Game. You must run while the statue is not looking at you and stand still when it does. To win the game, you must cross the finish line before the timer runs out.

Pass The Stick / Bomb

You must pass sticks or bombs to other players in this game. By right-clicking to remove sticks or bombs, you can give them to another player. The player with the stick will be eliminated at the end of the game. If you don't hand the bomb to anyone, it will explode in a few seconds.

The Floor Is Lava

You must leap over the rocks and remain on them until the timer runs out. They will eventually break, forcing you to hop over more rocks. They will shake before breaking, and you should pay attention to hop over to another rock.

Hold The Hat

To earn points in this game, you must keep your hat on. Low-scoring players will be eliminated. Your screen will glow yellow if you are wearing a hat. To steal headwear from other players, you must attack them. Similarly, any player can steal your hat while you're wearing it.

Hide & Seek

A few killers will be picked, while others will become survivors and must hide from the killer until time runs out. All survivors must be found and killed by the killers. When the killer eliminates the survivor, the killer becomes a survivor.

King Of The Hill

A yellow arch shield will be placed on top of some of the blocks. To enhance your score, you must stand on top of this shield. To attack other players, each player will be issued a baseball bat.

If another player hits you, you will bounce back and fall from above. The lowest-scoring players will be removed. If you are assaulted while climbing a ladder, you will not be repelled.

Paint The Tiles

You will be separated into four groups, and your objective will be to modify the color of the tiles to match the color of your group. When the timer runs out, the team with the fewest colored tiles is eliminated.

How to play Crab Game

  • W - Move forward
  • A - Go left
  • S - Back off
  • D - Go right
  • Left mouse - Attack
  • E - Interaction
  • Space - Jump
  • Shift - Run
  • V - Use Microphone
  • C - Sit

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