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Super Mario Wonder

What is Super Mario Wonder?

The game takes place in the Flower Kingdom, which is described as lying just outside the Mushroom Kingdom's borders. Ruled by Prince Florian, who also serves as the Wonder Flower's keeper, it's not long until Bowser obtains the potent flora and begins to cause havoc. Bowser actually combines with Florian's castle and transforms into a living battleship, with his face serving as the masthead.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder appears to be a Mario game that stays close to its tried-and-true 2D action, but there's a new creative layer here that arises from a significant new feature in this game. Wonder Flowers is a new collectible found on Mario's quest that can rewrite the reality of the Flower Kingdom around you. Warp pipes come to life, Mario transforms into a noodle, and people shift in strange ways, adding a new degree of pandemonium to each run through a level.

Game Rules

With the inclusion of Wonder Flowers, classic Mario side-scrolling gameplay is thrown on its head. These game-changing items cause stunning events that must be seen to be believed...See pipes come to life, float through space, wreak havoc as a big Spike-Ball, and witness even more unexpected happenings known as wonder effects.

Choose from a variety of heroic Super Mario heroes and power-ups to help preserve the Flower Kingdom.

Choose from the most characters in a Mario side-scrolling game, including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, and Toads. Players of all skill levels can experience the wonder of not taking damage as a Yoshi or Nabbit! On your quest to liberate the Flower Kingdom from Bowser's magical hold, collect surprising new power-ups like Elephant Fruit to use your trunk to trounce opponents and spray water. You may also find and equip additional badges to alter your play style and completely personalize your Mario adventure.

Unlock and equip over 20 different badges with varying effects. Do you want to spend more time in the air? Put on the Parachute Cap. Do you need an extra boost underwater? Your best bet is Dolphin Kick. Having difficulties refining your platforming? Safety Bounce will keep you from falling. The secret to saving the Flower Kingdom is to use your badges in conjunction with power-ups!

How to play Super Mario Wonder

  • PC controls: Use the mouse to jump Touch
  • Mobile controls: touch the screen to jump 

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