What is NGU Idle?

NGU Idle is one of the more unusual games available. It's difficult to understand at first because the game has no important images and you immediately see a bunch of words. The game is an idler, which means there is no clicking involved.

Once you've recovered from the initial shock, NGU Idle is an adventure-based idle game created by Something (aka 4G). NGU IDLE is an RPG-style action-adventure game that takes you on an unbelievably strange journey that no other online game can match. It may lack the visual attractiveness of certain other sports, but it makes up for it with a plethora of features.

Game Rules

In this game, you play as a person who has become comatose and amnesiac after finding themselves in a sewer smelling of both excrement and awful artwork. To get out, they only need to do one thing: make their NUMBER as high as it may possibly go! To accomplish this, you must defeat a succession of bosses while navigating through a maze of storylines. They'll gain access to adventure mode, a mini-RPG where they can obtain gear and mechanics that will benefit them in other areas of the game!

To make things happen, you'll need Energy, which is initially used to power Training, which directly buffs Attack and Defense, which is required to kill bosses, but can later be used for all sorts of strange mechanics, and Magic, which is initially used to power up blood rituals but can also be used for other strange mechanics. You may improve these mechanics by gaining EXP from bosses (and other strange mechanics), which will boost your engine of boss/adventure slaying even more!

How to play NGU IDLE

You press a bunch of buttons, which causes the numbers to rise. It's only a game, not rocket science!

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