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Blob IO

What is Blob io?

Blob io is a fun action game in which you compete against other players in a cosmos filled with colored cells and a variety of obstacles – viruses, to be exact – all of which are trying to get you.

Blob io's gameplay is deceptively easy; all you have to do is move your blob across the playing field by sliding your finger across the screen. Avoid viruses and collect as many points as possible to add additional colors and acquire more strength as you play. You receive experience points after each session. Use them to level up and unlock new features, such as starting with a larger blob from the start.

Game Rules

Begin the game as a tiny blob and eat the smaller ones to quickly grow. It is difficult to survive since you must escape attacks by larger blobs who are ready to consume you as well. When your blob has grown large enough to be a threat to other players, begin hunting them!

The game is incredibly immersive: you must continually progress while also avoiding your competition, who are all real individuals. Every player has the potential to get much larger or lose all progress in a single second, so proceed with caution:).

After each game session, you gain experience points based on the finite size of your blob and the length of the session. With these points, you can raise your level and gain access to new features (such as increased initial mass or special skins).

The more actions you take throughout a game session, the more experience you gain, so don't give up; you'll be rewarded for your efforts!

How to play Blob IO

Using Mouse

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