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Party Animals

What is Party Animals?

Party Animals is a cute and addicting new multiplayer action game in which players take on the roles of extraordinarily cute animals and engage in hilarious combat.

Party Animals allows players to select from a variety of critters in each round, including rabbits, cats, and dogs. Players will assume the roles of the animals and use weapons to "fight" other opponents. Kicking, hitting, wrestling, throwing, and combination kicks are all examples of attacks.

In addition, each map contains additional weaponry that players can use to "attack" other players. Along with the flexible and intriguing actions of the cartoon characters, the eye-catching game graphics will undoubtedly thrill and engage gamers.

Game Rules

In Party Animals, you can fight with or against your buddies! Choose your character from a wide array of beautiful animals and compete to be the last one standing across different game modes in the ultimate competitive brawler. Grab a plunger and prepare to party like an animal.

Partly Animals' gameplay is very similar to Gang Beasts'. Alternatively, you must defeat and eliminate your opponents from the arena at all costs. To eliminate all opponents and earn the final triumph, you can use any tactic accessible in the arena, such as grabbing, kicking, dragging, tugging, or utilizing weaponry. Depending on the game mode, results will be announced every one to three matches.


  • Single-player mode: Fight against other players in the arena, using all 72 magical spells to eliminate all opponents and become the only survivor.
  • Double-player mode: You can now team up with a teammate to boost your strength and beat foes.
  • Team game mode: All players will be assigned to a single team. We will not exclude each other in this game mode, but will work together to complete the set tasks.
  • Team mission mode: Team mission mode will differ slightly from Team mode. Because you will be divided into two teams, each team will have to compete to collect stuff, complete the Team's task, and ultimately win.

How to play Party Animals

  • WASD will be a combination that moves in the direction of the character in the game.
  • Shift + WASD will switch to run mode.
  • Q and E will be the two angle adjustment keys so you can easily adjust and see every detail in the game.
  • Hold down the right mouse button to hold weapons and opponents
  • Right-click to throw objects or opponents out of the arena.

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