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Johnny Trigger

What is Johnny Trigger?

Johnny Trigger - Sniper Game is the ultimate 3D action shooting game in which you can play as a spy or a professional assassin. Because you are the only one who knows your target's identity and location, you will be the one who must end the target's life.

To finish the assignment, you must use your sniper shooting skills to hit the target. To do so, you must conceal yourself and your target so that the bad guys do not shoot you.
When you enter the realm of the Johnny Trigger game, you will become a hilarious yet really talented spy named Johnny. He is also a well-known professional assassin whose name frightens many people. Johnny, with his recklessness and courage, penetrated the gangster's lair and destroyed them to become the master of the underground.

Game Rules

Only the strong are kings in the underworld, therefore Johnny must fight life-and-death conflicts to attain his aims. As a result, you begin to carry out missions to eliminate gangsters, particularly known bosses. The avatar you play as can run, leap, parkour with agility, and use top shooting methods. He will use this ability to combat enormous and deadly opponents.

The enemy's position changes in each level, and your objective is to use your weapon to defeat them quickly before they shoot you dead. It is difficult to kill one after another in order to eliminate a large number of foes. You must have superb shooting techniques, as well as quick movement speed and the ability to dodge bullets. Every ten levels, you will confront a Boss who has enormous power and is extremely difficult to defeat.

To advance to the next Game Level, you must accomplish the assignment in the current Level. Battle victory bonuses can be used to purchase new weapons in the market.

There are many various types of weaponry and guns to pick from, such as pistols and machine guns. Because each variety has a distinct level of harm, their selling values range as well. You can also customize your character's appearance with amusing and attractive costumes.


  • Thousands of levels of bloodthirsty mayhem to battle through
  • Beautiful graphics and a catchy soundtrack
  • More than 20 distinct fashionable skins
  • Johnny's intelligence and sharp shooting are required for boss confrontations

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