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Bounty of One

What is Bounty Of One?

Bounty Of One is a fast-paced casual roguelite bullet hell in which movement is essential. Use 'Steam Play Together' to play solo or with up to four others on the same screen or remotely. Use a keyboard or a gamepad to play.

You're wanted and in disgrace, fallen Wild West hero! Grab your guns, fight to clear your name, and survive endless swarms of bounty hunters! Bounty of One is a 1 to 4-player fast-paced casual roguelite bullet hell. Dash, dodge, shoot, and then repeat!


  • Upgrade your talents fast in order to survive ever-increasing waves of foes. Collaborate with your buddies to wisely divide the loot (or squabble about it, yek yek)!
  • If you resist, more will come after you! But you are well prepared, and you will not be swayed!
  • Fight your way past the wicked Undertaker's sheriffs and deputies. Find your adversary, defeat him, and make him pay for your defeat!
  • Because of randomization, each run is unique. Will you prioritize attack speed? Damage? Or perhaps something more exotic?
  • Beat the elites and bosses to obtain their valuable loot, which can drastically alter your gameplay style. Some will help you enhance your offensive skills, while others will help you improve your defensive ones, and yet others will do a lot of boom boom!
  • Try out each character: each has their own playstyle with unique advantages and disadvantages. Will you go with Serra the archer? Nigel, the retired sheriff? Or is it someone else?

How to play Bounty of One

Using mouse

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