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Rainbow Obby

Rainbow Obby is a parody of Roblox's famous rainbow world in which you must complete an obstacle course.

The course will become increasingly difficult as you progress through the game, creating difficulties along the way. To reach the end and win the game, you must overcome numerous obstacles. Prepare for the ride of your life with Rainbow Obby, an obstacle platformer game from HiberWorld! Your heart beats faster as you gaze up at the towering rainbow courses stretching into the sky.

We bring you the Rainbow Obby version of HiberWorld, with over 30 levels filled with treacherous traps and tricky jumps, this game never gets boring. Giant climbing walls, precarious platforms suspended in mid-air, and rickety tunnels ready to collapse beneath your feet await you.

Can you reach the summit and complete all of the courses? Your new normal will be death-defying leaps, heart-stopping climbs, and split-second maneuvers. You've got what it takes to conquer Rainbow Obby's most difficult courses. Just don't look down!

How to play Rainbow Obby

Using mouse

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