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In puzzle game Bookworm, you must use the letter tiles on the board to form words. To create words and earn points, click on the adjacent letters. Your score will increase as your words grow longer! Additionally, there are bonus words and special tiles. Watch out for the red burning tiles, as the game will be over if they touch the bottom of the screen.

How do you play?

To start building a word, click on the letters you want to use. Only letters that are adjacent may be chosen. After you've created the word you were going for, click "Submit," and Lex the bookworm will start munching on the letter tiles you chose. There will always be new options to consider because new letters will be provided.

No words were found in the field. To get a new field to work with and to scramble all the letter tiles, click on Lex. But be careful—this costs you points.


Four factors are used to determine a word's score:

Word length: As previously mentioned, a longer word will result in a higher score.
Letter scarcity: The score improves when rare letters are used. The tile with the yellow dots in the right bottom indicates the letter's rarity. The higher the score that is obtained when using this letter, the more yellow dots are indicated.

Reward tiles: The score is raised when a word contains special (reward) tiles.
Level: The level of the game being played determines the score for a word.
The way words are scored is very similar to the way words are scored in Scrabble.

Tips and tricks

There is no time limit for bookworm, so take your time coming up with a word. Take your time evaluating your options to determine which word will score you the most points.

Try coming up with long words. Higher scores will be obtained as a result, and fire tiles won't be added. Additionally, special gold tiles will appear if you create words with five or more letters. Look for suffixes like ing, er, ed, and tion and see if you can add them to a word to create long words.
Always try to incorporate special tiles into the words you create to increase your score further as these have a significant positive impact. Watch out for the bonus word as well because it will raise your score.
Lex can be clicked to scramble the board if you get stuck.

How to play Bookworm

Using Mouse

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