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Though Wordle, Quordle, and Heardle are probably already familiar to you, have you ever heard of BTS Heardle? If you like K-pop or are a fan of BTS, you most likely have.

Similar to Wordle, the once-daily linguistic game, BTS Heardle gives savvy fans the chance to consistently identify a song by the South Korean septet.

While the remaining six guesses each have longer clips of the music, the first guess includes lyrics in both English and Korean as a hint. To guess the answer as quickly as you can is the objective, much like Wordle. The fans are then prompted to share their outcomes on social media.

Every day, a different song from the BTS discography will be played. For instance, the lyrics offer Tuesday's first clue "I detest being turned down. I'm already coming across as pretentious. Everyone copies me ".

The hashtag #BTSHeardle is trending globally, and the game is already well-liked. The @BTSChartData Twitter account's fans created it. Musical games can be played on computers and mobile devices.

The majority of fans who tweeted their findings were successful in recognizing the song after one or two tries. The BTS-purple emoji is used to represent correct guesses, and the red square is used to represent incorrect ones.

Playing BTS Heardle

To recognize music, you must have the patience to listen to it. It's important to note that if you skip, more music snippets will play. When you are ready, select some music, type in a name, and press the Submit button. Results can also be tweeted through the website.

How to play BTS Heardle

Using mouse

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