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Cats Clicker

What is Cat Clicker?

Cat Clicker is a delightful web game that combines the irresistible charm of cute cats with the satisfying progression of incremental gameplay. In Cat Clicker, every click generates adorable kitten bubbles, setting the stage for an engaging experience where players can continuously improve and expand their feline collection.

How to Play Cat Clicker

Playing Cat Clicker is simple yet captivating:

  1. Click to Begin: Start the game by clicking on the screen to produce cat bubbles. Each click adds to your collection of cute cat balloons.

  2. Upgrade Your Production: Purchase upgrades that increase the rate at which cat bubbles are generated. These upgrades multiply your production, leading to a more enchanting and bustling virtual cat world.

  3. Reset for Perks: If you wish to start anew with added benefits, use the Reset button. This not only resets your current game but also provides permanent enhancements that boost your production speed in future games.

Rules of Cat Clicker

To make the most of Cat Clicker, keep these rules in mind:

  • Clicking Mechanism: Clicking on the screen generates cat bubbles, the primary currency in the game.
  • Upgrades: Invest your cat bubbles in upgrades that enhance your production rate, allowing you to accumulate cats faster.
  • Reset Feature: Resetting the game gives you permanent bonuses, enabling faster progression in subsequent rounds.
  • Endless Fun: Enjoy the relaxed and addictive nature of the game, where the goal is to collect as many cat bubbles as possible.

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