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Your goal in the word puzzle game Polygonle is to figure out a concealed word. You will see a series of polygons at the start of the game, each having a length equal to the word. The same letters should go where there are similar polygons because they represent the same letters, and other letters should go where there are different polygons. To correctly predict the daily Polygonle in six tries, follow the color prompts!
You are free to guess any word that is the right length. The tiles will display the secret word if your letters are in it. There are exactly as many letters in the hidden word as there are polygons. For points that are part of separate polygons, use different letters.

Think about the polygons' size, color, and positioning. Yellow and red triangles, for instance, stand in for various letters. You'll get a colored hint showing you how to arrange the letters after each guess. Green means the letter has been positioned correctly. While the letter is correct, its arrangement is erroneous, as shown by the color yellow. There isn't a single gray letter in the entire word. To win the daily Polygonle, you have six chances to figure out which letter goes with each shape.

Advanced modes: You can activate advanced modes from the settings menu ( icon in the upper right)

All indications offered must be applied to the ensuing guess.

Expert Mode: Each guess must match the patterns on the forms. Depending on the riddle, this may be really difficult.

If you're sick of playing the same old word games and want something new, try Polygonle. This is all about the game called Polygonle, in which you must not only find the correct word but also navigate around using the polygon icons while attempting to determine which polygon corresponds to which letter. You won't always be practicing five- or six-letter words in this game because the word length varies daily. Children may also find polygonle entertaining since it allows them to use their linguistic skills to understand different polygonal shapes. Ask your relatives and friends to take part in the transcription of the daily word.

How to play Polygonle

Using mouse

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