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Do you want to put your IQ to the test and impress your friends with how much you know? Then, you ought to investigate QuizzLand, a sizable universe of trivia questions.
By responding to quiz questions, you can move along with each level's map in the addictive trivia game Quizzland. A trivia question is represented by each cell on the map. If you choose the right response, the surrounding tiles will become unlocked, enabling you to proceed. Your objective is to locate the exit and provide the correct response to unlock it. To earn more points, you can, however, proceed to the next level by responding to all the open-ended questions first

You can read more about the subject of each question after each round and leave a like or comment.

- Free trivia game to test your general knowledge and intelligence

- Source of important and obscure facts

- amusing questions across all interest categories

- a fantastic chance to compete against friends and other players for the top ranks
- enjoyable learning experience whether or not you already know the answers

- thorough explanations for each question

How to play Quizzland

Using Mouse

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