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League of Legends, VALORANT, CS:GO, and Rocket League-rated competitive matches have plays that Rankdle selects clips from. For every game, there are always three clips. You have to guess, from among all the ranks that are present in that title, which rank that particular play occurred in each clip. You receive two stars if you answer correctly. You receive one star if your rank is exactly one-off, whether it is higher or lower. If not, you receive zero stars. You can get up to six stars every game on any given day, but in order to keep and prolong your streak, you need at least two stars each time.

To be featured in Rankdle, players can also submit their own footage and plays from ranked games. However, there are some guidelines that must be followed, such as refraining from disclosing the rank and refraining from using background music.

Rankdle quizzes you on your knowledge of your preferred esports while also demonstrating that players of all ranks are capable of making spectacular or mediocre plays. To view every previous clip, visit the game's YouTube account.

It sounds pretty simple, but Rankdle is quite outstanding at bringing back Highlights - both excellent and extremely boring - and surprising everyone with the highlights in each gaming community that Rankdle is currently working on. has and will probably expand in the future.

Game Instruction

You can go to the website and choose the game you want to play to play Rankdle. After seeing the three films, choose the position you believe the play to have taken place. You can choose the rank you think is correct from a list of possibilities that will display the available ranks for each game. Choose your choice, then submit your response to find out whether you were right.


Be mindful of the details: Pay close attention to each tape and look for any pertinent details that can aid in ranking. You might observe the players' weaponry or the setting of the action, for instance, in a CS: GO video.

Utilize your common sense because the rank in the clip may not always be obvious. In these situations, trust your instinct and make the best judgment possible in light of your prior information and gaming experience.

Play more: As you play more Rankdle, you'll get better at identifying the various rankings in each game. Continue practicing and learning from your errors even if you don't always obtain the right response to enhance your gameplay.

The knowledge and competitive gameplay instincts of players are tested by the excitement and difficulty of Rankdle. It's a terrific method to test your abilities and knowledge in your preferred competitive games, with daily clips and a variety of games to select from.

How to play Rankdle

Using mouse

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