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A popular word search game is Speedle. In reality, there are several online versions to pick from, and it is fairly popular. One thing unites them all, though: they're all very slow games in which you take your time sifting through a sea of letters in search of words and phrases. But that's not exactly what we're looking for here. We need something that moves considerably more quickly so that we don't have time to pause and consider the words we need—we want them to be thrust in front of us immediately!

Here, Speedle enters the picture; think of it as Wordle on steroids! Because you only have three seconds per round, not enough time to process the letters you see! And each second matters! You have to start out as quickly as you can if you want to succeed at these really quick speedrun Wordle problems.

While wordle games are enjoyable and calming, they can eventually become too simple. For this reason, speedrun word searches like Speedle were developed. Wordle games test your ability to produce as many words as you can in a predetermined amount of time using a given list of letters, numbers, or symbols.

Your score increases and you gain more stars as you finish each level more quickly. Does that sound challenging?

It is! One of those word puzzle games that will put your brain to the test and unearth previously unknown skills is Speedle.

How to play speedle

Using mouse

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