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Subwaydle is a browser game in which you are given six chances to guess the destination of a subway trip with two different transfers. Subwaydle, like Wordle, requires that every guess be a real word. If a train line is not part of the route, it is shaded gray; if it is part of the route but is currently in the wrong spot, it is shaded yellow; and if it is both the right line and the right spot, it is shaded green. Any trip does not include a quick stop at a subway bar.

Sunny Ng, a New York City software engineer, created the game after being inspired by pre-pandemic trivia nights at the New York City Transit Museum. Try your hand at a puzzle to see if you can solve it, but be warned: each weekday's puzzle could be one of 6,835 different combinations. (On weekends, there are only 4,188 combinations because the game changes to reflect weekend service.) You can get a hint that tells you where the trip starts and ends.

In six tries, players must guess the mystery three-train route using only valid transfers. The line will turn green if it is in the correct position, and yellow if it is part of the final answer but in the wrong order, just like in the original game. You can even post your color-coded outcomes to social media.

How to play Subwaydle

Using Mouse

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