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Super Type

Supertype is a tricky logic puzzler. At various locations throughout the game, the player must remove all different kinds of objects. To get rid of some things, you have to go through the characters. The word is shortened when you click on the screen. The platform needs to be constructed as soon as possible. This is necessary to enable the actors to move around the stage and destroy obstacles. Both visiting and making new levels are available to the user. An original concept was developed and put into practice. The graphics are excellent, and the gameplay is very fluid.

You must immediately destroy the designated object in order to win the game. In one level, the player must construct a platform on which the letters can move or jump in order to destroy the provided objects. Moving letters form words that can be broken by tapping them. You can design your own levels as well. Elegant, minimalistic visuals that complement the authors' overall viewpoint.
The top word puzzle game available right now is Supertype. the newest game in the Supertype series, Word of the Cookies!

How to play Super Type

Using Mouse

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