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The Impossible Letter

In the entertaining and extremely difficult identify the difference game The Impossible Letter, you must examine a number of characters and determine which one shouldn't be present. You must touch the distinct letter to advance to the next level if you have four letters in a 2 by 2 grid and one of them is different from the rest. Wait until you reach level 50 in this free online game before you think it's easy now.

Everything changes if you're staring at a grid of the letter E that is 10 by 10 squares or larger; nevertheless, just one of them is an F. Your visual identification skills will be put to the test when trying to spot the little difference in the bottom horizontal line. Achieve the top level and post your accomplishment on social media.
The easiest game ever, but the most difficult!
Put your abilities to the test because this game will test you in ways you've never experienced.

Having luck locating the most!

How to play The Impossible Letter

Using Mouse

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