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Twisty Words

Twisty Words is a fun word puzzle game if you enjoy the older games. With a traditional gameplay design and tens of thousands of scrambled words to decipher, fans of word games like text twist or word warp will feel right at home. For the full mobile experience, we also encourage Android users to try our Android version!
You'll be challenged by the word search puzzle game Twisty Words. It provides straightforward and well-known anagram word search gameplay. You can search for hidden words while playing at your own pace. With time-limited levels, you can also challenge the limits of your word power. For those times when you need a little extra assistance with a challenging word, the hint system keeps the game moving. 

Twisty Words is a straightforward and well-known word-finding anagram guessing game. For those who enjoy traditional word games like Text Twist or Word Warp, this anagram word search is a ton of fun. Delight in and have fun.

Scoring: Your score is increased by each letter you identify in a word.

Obtaining a High Score: Each puzzle contains one or more words with six letters. You can move on to the next round with your score if you find a word with six letters in each of the puzzles. Continue doing this to get high scores!

How to play Twisty Words

Using Mouse

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