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Have you ever wished that Wordle had a Harry Potter edition? Now there is! Wordle the wizard is here!

Wizards are verbose freaks. They also adore their own exclusive dialect known as "Wizarding," which is only spoken by wizards.

The Harry Potter series is one that can be read and reread repeatedly. Additionally, the series exhorts readers to become more aware of their surroundings. Your Harry Potter knowledge will be put to the test in this activity, which turns obscure book details into a challenging word game. What is the aim? Give Harry, Ron, and Hermione as many hints as you can to help them navigate the maze-like dungeons of Malfoy Manor!

In this game, which is similar to Wordle, you have to find particular words concealed within a jumble of letters. But unlike general categories like animals or colors, all of these words have some connection to the Harry Potter books. This game, which has a total of 60 words, is great for playing with friends while getting to know your favorite book characters and locations.

How to play wizarding wordle

Using Mouse

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