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7 little words

What is 7 Little Words?

You will adore 7 Little Words if you enjoy word searches, multiple-choice questions, anagrams, and crossword puzzles.

Each bite-sized puzzle has 20 letter-group tiles, 7 clues, and 7 mystery words. To get the solution to the puzzle, solve the hints and decode the crosswords.

The fun, challenge, and ease of learning are among the seven small words. You haven't played anything like it, we promise. Today, try 7 Small Words!

from the makers of Red Herring and Monkey Wrench.


  • You can play 25 puzzles for free at 7 little words. Every day, two new puzzles are made available without cost.
  • PLAY 10,000 crosswords
  • This software has almost 10,000 puzzles, including:
  • Our well-liked Daily Quiz collection
  • The opportunity to play every puzzle in English
  • Spanish Quiz
  • Quizzes are prepared for an Australian audience
  • Even pre-filled quizzes
  • Five difficulty levels, from extremely easy to impossible
  • Theme quizzes will help you locate words that have something in common

Although it has words and hints, it's not quite a crossword puzzle. Although it contains complex terms, the problem isn't quite an anagram. Although it occasionally makes connections to geography, history, and science, it's definitely not a trivia question. You really must play the interesting game 7 Little Words!

How to play 7 little words

Using mouse

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