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What is 98xx?

98xx is a defunct computer operating system from the 1990s that has resurfaced after being hidden for decades. Unlike modern OSes, 98xx retains a primitive and nostalgic charm, reminiscent of early computing days. What makes 98xx particularly intriguing is the presence of active files within the OS, including a 2D platformer game called "Jumping Julian." As players interact with the OS and its files, they encounter unexpected bugs and odd occurrences, turning what seems like a simple exploration into a mysterious and risky adventure.

Basic Rules of 98xx

  • Explore Active Files: Upon booting up 98xx, players can navigate through the few remaining active files. Each file may hold clues or lead to different aspects of the OS, providing a sense of exploration and discovery.

  • Play "Jumping Julian": One of the accessible files is a 2D platformer named "Jumping Julian." Initially, the game appears straightforward, but as players progress, unusual and eerie events begin to unfold.

  • Navigate and Experiment: The core gameplay involves navigating through the OS and experimenting with various objects and files. Players must determine the function of each object, which can lead to surprising outcomes.

  • Encounter Bugs: 98xx is riddled with unforeseen bugs. These glitches are not just technical errors but integral to the gameplay experience, adding layers of unpredictability and challenge.

  • Risk and Reward: Players must proceed with caution. Interacting with the OS and its files carries inherent risks, as unexpected bugs or anomalies can disrupt the gameplay or lead to unforeseen consequences.

Why 98xx Stands Out

  • Nostalgic Appeal: 98xx transports players back to the 1990s, offering a nostalgic glimpse into the early days of computing. Its retro interface and primitive graphics evoke a sense of nostalgia for those who experienced that era.

  • Mysterious Elements: The inclusion of active files with hidden functions and the eerie twists in "Jumping Julian" create an atmosphere of mystery and suspense, engaging players on a deeper level.

  • Unique Gameplay Experience: Unlike conventional games, 98xx combines exploration, puzzle-solving, and unexpected challenges. The presence of bugs and anomalies makes each playthrough unique and unpredictable.

  • Interactive Narrative: The OS itself becomes a part of the narrative, with players essentially hacking and uncovering the secrets of an old computer. This meta-gameplay adds a layer of immersion and creativity.

  • Risk Factor: The element of risk in interacting with the OS and its files adds excitement and tension. Players must weigh their curiosity against potential disruptions, making each decision meaningful.

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