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Absurdle, like Wordle, is a word-guessing game, but it is more random. You can make unlimited guesses, and the game can continue indefinitely until you find the correct word. It was created by a designer who uses the alias "qntm." Consider it an alternative Wordle ruleset – a game that sharpens the original premise into a terrifying machiavellian scheme. The gambit is complex, but I'll do my best to explain it.

Wordle is centered on a single word that the player is attempting to deduce by removing letters from the board. Absurdle, on the other hand, never chooses a specific answer, instead of narrowing the list of potential solutions as much as possible with each entry.

It's highly unlikely that a player will get the answer right away. It makes you think you're selecting the correct word, but each time you guess, it's an internal list of words shrink, extending gameplay until you find the correct one. This process is repeated until you have checkmated the game and are left with the only possible letters to form the word for that challenge. How do you play Absurd?

Follow these simple steps to get started with your first game of Absurdle:

  • Go to the website.
  • You'll be taken directly to the challenge page.
  • That's all! Your new game will begin, and you can begin guessing today's Absurd word.

Because there are so many different letter combinations and words with no indication, the option of giving up or starting over may arise. Aside from the randomizer, there's also a "quit" button for when you're so frustrated that the answer appears for you. Furthermore, because this is not a daily puzzle game, you can refresh the browser to begin a new game entirely.

Absurdle has three modes for players who want to add a challenge to this already difficult game: Difficulty, Challenge, and Time. Each of these modes of play is reserved for advanced players, as is the option to expand the word list to include obscure words such as "AHED" and "XYLYL."

How to play Absurdle

Using mouse

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