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Bad Ice Cream

What is Bad Ice Cream?

Bad Ice Cream is a multiplayer arcade game in which the main characters are scoops of anthropomorphic ice cream. The sole purpose of a single player is to collect various fruits such as bananas, grapes, and watermelons through mazes on ice and snow-covered playfields across 40 stages. The ice blocks that make up each maze frequently restrict access to the fruits. Monsters and other enemies prowl the wide spaces between blocks.

The player selects from 1 Player or 2 Player mode. They also choose an ice cream flavor (chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry). To navigate the ice blocks on the playfield, the player must direct their scoop. The game facilitates this by allowing the player to demolish blocks. They simply point the ice cream scoop towards the blocks and blast cold air at them. If the player needs to close off an area due to an opponent, the same procedure can be used to construct additional ice blocks.

Bad Ice Cream also has a countdown, so the player must collect all of the fruits before the clock runs out. If they do well, the game advances them to the next level.

Game Rules

The frosty world of Bad Ice Cream is full of surprises! As the player, your goal is to collect all of the fruits in each level without being caught and trampled by the ice monsters. Before venturing into the freezing tundra, decide how many players will take part in the game. Yes, you can play with your friend using the same keyboard! Once you've settled on that, it's time to choose a flavor for your character. This is purely cosmetic and has no bearing on the gameplay.

You are now ready to begin! To navigate the map, use the arrow keys. Because the temperature is frigid, the map is covered in ice cubes. These will keep you from reaching the fruits, but they will also protect you from ice creatures. Being an ice cream has numerous advantages, and your best skill is your frost breath. You can pave a way for yourself by breaking a row of ice cubes using the space bar. But be cautious! Some monsters are locked within the ice cube walls, which must be broken to release them. If a monster is pursuing you, you can use your frost breath to freeze the air and produce another row of ice cubes.

  • Select between one and two players. Two persons can play in sync on the same keyboard, using distinct control schemes.
  • Select your avatar from one of three flavors: vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate ice cream.
  • Select a level. You can choose from up to 40 different ones.
  • Bad ice creams, play! You must avoid obstacles and adversaries in order to collect all of the things within the time limit. You can remove or plant obstacles by using the fire button.

How to play Bad Ice Cream

Using Mouse

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