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What is Bordle?

Bordle is a word-guessing game similar to Wordle, but at least one of the letters is the B emoji (which is a wild card, not a "B"). Every day, a new word will be added.

Game Rules

As your first guess, you may use any five-letter word. If you accurately write any letter, you will be rewarded with a green or yellow square. Green indicates that the letter has been appropriately inserted.

The color yellow indicates that the right letter is misaligned. To answer the words in each row, use the ideas from your previous guesses. There are six rows, or opportunities. With each guess, try to get as near to the word as possible.


  • Graphics that use a lot of colors
  • There are several levels to complete.
  • Levels that are both enjoyable and addictive.
  • Controls that are intuitive
  • Different gameplay

How to play bordle

Using mouse

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