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Although it's a game, some Packers players see it as a test. Many fans might use the team's most recent introduction of a new challenge in the locker room as an excuse to leave early on the first day back from vacation. But for a few guys who have a vested interest in staying sharp come the regular season, this little word game is no laughing matter.

The rules of the word game, known as "Byrdle" (pronounced "burr-dle"), are as follows: Each player has a maximum of seven chances to spell a word correctly. Before moving on to the next word in the challenge after each error, they are given another chance to get it right. If you answer them all correctly the first time, congrats!

Everyone is an excellent speller when you're playing Byrdle. The object of the game is to spell words correctly while avoiding being eliminated.

Players take turns reading a word from the word list and attempting to spell it. This is how it works. The game is reset to seven tries for the player who spells the word first.

Depending on how many people are playing, players may get a certain number of attempts before having to start over. Two players, for instance, can go back three times before losing a turn if there are only two of them. If you have four players, they can lose before losing again five times. Everything is based on how many people will participate.

How to play byrdle

Using mouse

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