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Citydle, like Wordle, is a daily guessing game for cities. The majority of cities are obvious. Larger cities and world capitals are usually the answers. Are you certain you can name almost all of the world's famous cities? Let's play the game and see how far you can get.


Citydle is a word game for those who enjoy visiting cities all over the world. This is not only a fun game, but it also teaches you about the cities and their exact locations in the countries. If you want to learn about geography, Citydle is a good puzzle game to play.


Because of the inspiration from the Wordle game, the gameplay is quite simple. Simply enter the city's name into the answer box and press Submit. The color of the word changes instantly depending on how close your answer is to the correct one.

- The word becomes gray, indicating that it is not in the correct country or continent.

- The word turns orange, indicating that the continent is correct but the country is incorrect.

- The word turns yellow, indicating that the country is correct but the city is incorrect.

Bingo! The word turns green. Your response is entirely correct. Congrats!

How to play Citydle

Using mouse

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