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Cuphead Halloween

What is Cuphead Halloween?

Cuphead Halloween is a fun Halloween game in which you play as the charming cuphead mascot. Play as Cuphead and Mugman, who require assistance to escape from a peculiar dream in which many perilous traps appear everywhere on the road and he is unable to stop running. Can you assist our heroic characters in leapfrogging time, avoiding traps, and safely reaching the exit point? Assist them in jumping onto the platform at the right time.

Game Rules

The gameplay is straightforward. You assist our hero characters in jumping on time and avoiding the traps along the way. After that, attempt to reach the exit point safely. When you strike an obstacle, you will lose and have to restart the game.

Cuphead will discover himself in a creepy environment divided into levels, and your goal will be to progress through them one by one until you have completed all of them and accomplished your quest. To accomplish so, you must first approach the door at each level and collect all of the coins required for it to unlock.

Cuphead goes automatically and changes direction when he encounters a wall, so you simply have to touch the screen to ensure that he jumps over the obstacles and traps in his path, such as the spikes, or hop on platforms and get the coins that are sometimes put higher up.

If you get caught in a trap, you must replay the level until you clear it. Good luck, and don't forget to invite as many of your friends as possible to play our fantastic new games of the day!


How to play Cuphead Halloween

Using Mouse

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