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What exactly is Flagle?

Flagle is a word-guessing puzzle game similar to Wordle, but instead of words, it concentrates on national flags. Every day, a new flag is added to the game, so you can play it once a day with your friends and family to learn more about the world, other countries, and their flags. By playing Flagle online, you will be able to distinguish even incredibly similar flags with little visual distinctions and analyze countries' relative standing. Statistics will show you the number of games played, the percentage of triumphs, and the distribution of predictions. Increase your score to become the best, and then share it on social media!

Flagle is a game that will test your geographic knowledge. The rules are straightforward: you must correctly guess the flag of a random country, and you have six chances to do so. You acquire access to a new section of the disguised flag each time you fail. You will also receive geographical clues indicating the location of the target country each time. Can you properly identify a random country's flag in six attempts?


By clicking on the field beneath the hidden flag, you can select any country from the list. Then, depending on clues regarding the direction and distance between the selected and target countries, make a second guess.

Enter your next guesses and investigate the geographical hints. The number of kilometers indicates how far away the destination country is. The arrow will point toward the country whose flag is obscured.

You have six chances to correctly guess the country. After each unsuccessful attempt, a new piece of the flag will be displayed until the entire flag is revealed.

How to play Flagle

Using mouse

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