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Fun game Flickle was created using the Wordle concept. daily movie guessing contest!

In this game, you must identify the movie based solely on the title from a list of movie titles. The Shawshank Redemption, for instance, could make a good title for this game. Your score will increase as more words are mastered.

When you are no longer able to correctly guess the film's title, the game is over.

Daily and Weekly are the available game modes. You get to guess the movie every day when you are in Daily mode. Every week in Weekly mode, you get to guess the movie.

When playing, you have access to a wide range of categories. You could, for instance, select films based on the stars or the genres they belong to. You might decide on a movie based on its plot or even its setting. Additionally, there are numerous levels to choose from when playing. As an illustration, you might begin at a low level and progress to a high level.

You can also make use of the "Finger" feature when playing in Daily mode to make movie guessing easier.

How to play Flickle

Using mouse

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