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Game of Gourds If you are still familiar with Geordle World, it won't take you long to want to play this online game that is based on the popular Wordle game. We'll go over the components of these capitals guessing games, how to download them, and why using a wordle generator is useful. You can play this game for free online if you want to try it out. We'll explain where to find it and how to use it at

We've played this one-time-per-day game for geography buffs, and we're already looking forward to playing it again tomorrow to test our friends as we progress through the capital. In this wordle from the Geordle game, identify the capital letters. Your objective will be to estimate the secret capital accurately each day. Use a map of the capitals of the world to locate the hidden capital.

Geordle Game Online

This simple alternative wordle game has attracted thousands of players in just a few days thanks to its simplicity of use and the fact that you only have a limited number of daily attempts to complete the challenge (the same for everyone, too). The user will not be able to play again for 24 hours after determining the country. Since it is marketed as a fun daily task, it is successful in our opinion.

You are not required to guess a word in this game, unlike Wordle. To correctly predict a new country each day is the game's goal. If you are successful, this Wordle-inspired nation game displays your attempt and the amount of time left before moving on to the next one. Following that, there is an option to share it on social media. Each day, only one game may be played.

Every estimate needs to represent a real country, area, or... The geography game will inform you of the capital's location as well as the distance, direction, and proximity of the correct response after each guess.

Geordle Game Instructions

The popular WORDLE game has a geography-themed variant called GEORDLE.

To identify the COUNTRY and its CAPITAL, try typing each letter on the keyboard one at a time. Depending on which letter you selected, the COUNTRY or CAPITAL tiles that start with that letter will be highlighted in green.

Each incorrect letter results in a life loss. There are only a total of 5 lives available before the game is over. The symbol on the game board stands in for the remaining lives.

If you correctly name the COUNTRY and CAPITAL before all of your lives have been used up, you convert the remaining lives into. Each day, only five can be obtained.

How to play Geordle

Using mouse

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