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What is Globle?

Globle is a fresh take on the classic word game. Globle provides a geography-based puzzle with a new solution to solve every day, so the parallels are fleeting. Those who wish to participate need only guess any country. After that, the game will notify you of your progress, allowing you to narrow down your choices.

Even if you're a geography expert, predicting the answer every day can be difficult. This is why we've provided some hints on this page to assist you in guiding your mind to the correct answer. If you'd rather know the solution right away, we've got you covered. As each puzzle is released, we'll keep this page updated with the correct answer and hints. We'll also point you in the right direction.

Game Rules

We'll also give you advice on where to begin and how to play the game. Let us begin speculating!

Below are some hints to help you get closer to today's answer. We'll start with a few hints before getting into the details.

- European nation

- The capital city is Helsinki.

- Begins with an 'F'

Are you a geography fan who wishes there was a better Wordle alternative for your pastime? In that case, our country list, which puts a geographical spin on the popular guessing sensation, will undoubtedly appeal.

This Globle country guide will walk you through the daily solution to each Globle puzzle, so you can get some help if you're having difficulty identifying the target country. We'll show you a sneaky way to play previous puzzles if you can't get enough of them, in addition to advice on which country to start with. After you've completed the puzzle for the day, why not head over to the Worldle country for another geographical game? If you enjoy guessing popular music, we also have the daily Heardle song. That, of course, is at the top of our Wordle clue list, to help you in the game that started it all.

How to play Globle

Using mouse

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