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What is Gobattle?

GoBattle is a medieval-themed action game. Equip a selection of armor, weapons, and accessories and compete on numerous maps against real gamers.

GoBattle is a game in which you control a knight and combat other players for the title of king. Choose from a variety of knights, including Batman and Vegeta! To inflict harm on the other knights, throw your weapon at them. When you kill a player, you collect their coins; the amount of coins you have determines your standing. After collecting 20 and 40 coins, your weapon will be upgraded. You can pick up numerous weapons in the area and replenish your health by picking up a potion. Use your shield to protect yourself from incoming damage.

Game Rules

You must struggle to be King! In this large multiplayer game based on a 2D arcade game, you must fight other Knights for gold coins in order to become King. has a vast number of games right from the start: you may run around the dungeon collecting coins, play ball with a poisoned ball in team versus team, or strive to survive to the conclusion of the round in battle royale. While exploring the terrain, discover new weaponry to utilize. You can upgrade the power of your weapons using your money.

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