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Granny House

The developer and publisher of the horror game Granny's House is SUPERCAT, which also puts out a lot of other intriguing games. For the finest experience when playing this game on your PC or Mac, BlueStacks will be your go-to platform.

The horror tale Granny's House takes place in a town where there are rumors of an elderly woman who kidnaps children at night and imprisons them in a deserted house. Players will assume the character of Dorothy, one of the kidnapped children, and aid this young girl in escaping this eerie mansion when they download Granny's House for PC and play it with BlueStacks.

Players can explore both PvE and PvP modes in Granny's House. Players can switch into one of the six character classes listed below in PvE mode to get through the levels: Bomber, Thrower, Trapper, Puppeteer, Beater, and Healer. Players can play the Escape and Infection portions in PvP mode with other players. Both players split the players into two factions: two players will take on the role of the chaser, while six players will take on the role of the ones trying to survive.

Enjoy the first 'Escape' asymmetrical survival mode, which features 2 seekers and six hides seek that everyone is familiar with. The player will be one of the scary kids or kids and will chase a spectacular chase.


-You have to collect 3 parts and open the exit to escape from the scary house.

-Rescue the kids trapped in the prison by the scary granny, and escape together!


-Go through the house, arrest all the kids, and put them in jail.

-You can win if you put all the kids in jail. 

Your choice and strategy will determine the win or loss of the game!

How to play Granny House

Using Mouse

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